The Idea

A consumer-created location-aware price comparison site.

Why do we need that?

  • There is no transparent market for food.
  • The prices between shops and bars are drifting apart.
  • Extreme price differences between bars (even those close to each other)
  • The EU stopped package size standards, causing some producers to try to sell smaller packages for the same price.

What’s your benefit?

  • compare prices and save money
  • finding menus for restaurants that don’t put them online themselves.
  • a transparent market
  • quality and quantity comparison of shops and product. (price, ingredients, pics, user comments, labels…)
  • free household account management
  • open shop database (location-aware)
  • open product database
  • open bar code and ISBN database
  • everything has a history (it’s possible to compare prices not only between shops but also over time)

How can we implement this vision?


  • enter and update products, shops
  • enter prices
    • by typing in your receipt and add it to your household accounts
    • by taking a picture of your receipt with your mobile phone and TagAPrice will automatically add it to your household accounts
  • Donate

Open Source

  • Working togehter to make TagAPrice more comfortable and feature-rich.
  • Code License: AGPLv3

Open Data

  • Create mashups and mobile apps
    • by download a full dump of the DB
    • by using the API (json, xml, …)
  • Use the API to find shops (we have all shops from OpenStreetMap and maybe more)
  • Use the API to find a product at the nearest shop
  • Use the API to find the price of a product at the nearest shop
  • Use the API to find a menu and the price in a special restaurante
  • Use the API to insert the menu in your restaurant
  • Share products, shops, prices via twitter, facebook, …
  • Data License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

The Team

  • We are a team of students at Technical University of Vienna, and University Copenhagen
  • contributors from all over the world.

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